Quantum-Safe Cryptography for Industry (QsCI), 30 April 2017, Université Pierre et Marie Curie


QsCI is a one-day event collacted with Eurocrypt 2017 that will be held in Paris and organized by :


Quantum-Safe Safe cryptography aims at constructing systems that are secure against quantum and conventional computers. The status of quantum-safe cryptography is currently completely changing. It is quickly moving from a purely academic theme to a topic of major industrial interest. As such, this can be considered as a revolution. This new industrial interest is mainly driven by the fact that quantum-safe cryptography has received recently much attention from the standardization and policy spectra such as NISTETSICSA, …,

The security community is faced to new challenges to standardize new quantum-safe algorithms. The goal of the QscI workshop is to regroup speakers from the industry
and researcher scientists to discuss of the construction and development of quantum-safe systems. The event will include a selection of speakers in
the area of quantum-safe cryptography, standardization and industrial challenges for quantum-safe cryptography.

The QsCI workshop is sponsored by the RISQ project which is a large industrial project on quantum-safe cryptography. RISQ brings together a large consortium including  academics, institutional bodies and  industries.




Preliminary List of Confirmed Speakers 


  • ludovic.perret at lip6.fr


Events Date Place
Workshop 30 April 2017  Paris





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